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Warmington Properties continues to aggressively pursue acquisition and development opportunities in pursuit of expanding our portfolio. We are currently looking to acquire value-add and stabilized core-plus properties.

Looking to acquire:

Value-Add Properties
Assets in need of moderate-to-extensive capital expenditures, which includes renovation, repositioning, and improvement in management and marketing.

Stabilized Core-Plus Properties
Assets requiring limited capital, generally stabilized with some upside potential, although not to the same extent as the “value added” category.
Acquisition Preferences:
•  Locations:

Pacific Northwest
Las Vegas MSA
Phoenix MSA

•  Apartments:

   — Class A or B property types
   — 50-300 unit counts

•  Industrial:
   — Multi-tenant
   — Minimum purchase price of $5 million.
Suggested Items for Submittal Package:
•  Asking price
•  Basic property description
•  Map
•  Aerial photograph(s)
•  Color property photographs
•  Current rent roll
•  Prior two years actual and current YTD operating statements
•  Current tax bill
•  Terms of financing, if applicable
•  Market information including sales and rental comps

Acquisitions Contacts:

Commercial Acquisitions
David Clark
Warmington Properties
(714) 434-4350 

Apartment Acquisitions
Greg Oberling
Vice President, Multifamily Properties
(702) 248-4883

Sean Ettlin
Multifamily Properties, Acquisitions
(714) 434-4433